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"...instead of a bum, which is what I am...(not you, Marlon Brando in *On the Waterfront!)...Kudos for pressing on to learn as an adult! I know the feeling...I'm a nervous driver, and pressing on to better myself through lessons as an adult can be frustrating, but worth it in the end....Also, I have read from several different sources that swimming increases memory and general brainpower because it integrates so many tasks in one....So you're getting an extra cognitive tune-up, too! :) Love your garden, I have some bell peppers and tomatoes growing, and lemon balm that suddenly sprouted from a year ago!


Oh I love lemon balm! I made a lovely tea with lemon balm and lemon verbena years ago when both grew at our old house.

I actually have a huge lemon balm plant that I planted in a semi-shady spot last year, and I got a few small ones this year too (put those in pots).

It's good to know that swimming will make me smarter.

I learned to drive as an adult as well. I think it's harder because when you're not sixteen, you realize that you are mortal and how lethal a car can be.

But I did learn, and so will you!


Thanks, HGG! I will definitely keep at it. I hope your week is starting off well!

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