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Oh, are we related...LOL.... I so want to do the same too. I also want to take classes on butchering as this is a hidden skill that is so valuable to have as you can put the meat on the table, properly package it, and cook it you up your value on a crisis or just saving on the food bills.

Have you considered chickens, ducks, rabbits,and goats? Good meat and eggs and milk for consumption and trade. Depending on where you live and time this can be a real boon for you. Also, there no waste as these animals also give you fertilizer and rabbits stuff can go straight to the garden. They will generate meat and animals for trade and sell as well. Learning to raise and harvest will make it all that much better.


I do want chickens and probably rabbits. Goats are a no. But before I get a few layers I want to get a handle on growing produce.

I think Joel Salating has some chicken butchering videos up on youtube.


Hmm don't know Joe will look up. There are urban farms popping up where I live and they give classes in basic kill techniques and cleaning for birds including turkeys and rabbits. I'll have to travel for the goats.I also want to learn how to do big animals like deer and cow. Just in case.

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